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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lima and London Palace

What a beautiful wedding yesterday!! that is William and kate's wedding. I think my favorite part was the "2 kisses". The background was the Buckingham Palace in London; what a beautiful reminded me of the Government Palace in Peru. I was struck by the similarity of these two whimsical places. Here are some pics of the Peruvian Palace in Lima.

I love Peru's Palace and gardens around it. It's beauty is enhanced by all the beautiful doves that parade around the Palace. Butterflies love to rest on the delicate and exotic flowers in the gardens, while people can help but to stop and admire the moment.

Every day, right at noon, they have what is called, the "exchange of guards" they really put on a show!! ...people gather around the front to enjoy a few minutes of music played by the orchestra before the exchange. do they keep from missing a step ??... I wonder,...they are so in sync with each other is an amazing view. The guards begin by marching towards each other, the current and the new rotation. The current rotation is carrying the flag, approaches the new rotation of guards and hand over the flag. I felt so lucky to have witnessed this moment :-)

This one is a pic of the Buckingham Palace in London. I think this will be one of my future stops!! :-)
Hope you enjoy the pics!!

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