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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gardening made easy

After a long day or night at work (I work in the health care field), it is extremely rewarding to look forward to come back home and spend time with my family and garden. Gardening has been a lot easier ever since my hubby built me a potting bench. I absolutely love it !!!!  I love organization and this addition to my garden, provides it for me. I thank God for the simple things in life that make it so enjoyable.
Here is a pic of my potting bench in case you want to get and idea for your own potting bench. Mine is about 5 years old and by the way it looks, you can see "it has worked hard" for me.
Enjoy the pics, till next time


  1. Great potting/garden bench! My garden pots end up being stored under the deck.

  2. Thanks Julie!! I used to store my post under my deck too. Hubby did a great job with the bench!!!