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Monday, July 25, 2011


Just wanted to share some pictures of my newest creation

This recycled bottle turned out better than I thought! but it did take about a week to paint.


Thursday, July 14, 2011


Do you ever feel like you have angels looking out for you???  Seriously, I believe in angels and I am certain that they are watching over my son. Recently, Raa (my son) had stopped by our house to pay us a visit, but we were not home, so he got on the computer to kill time until we got back. The door bell rang…it was one of our neighbors from two houses down. He asked Raa if he had a black truck, Raa responded “yes” while looking at our driveway and realizing his truck was not parked where he had left it (he forgot to pull the hand brake up). Raa literally feels his heart stop beating L Our neighbor proceeds to tell Raa that while he was standing outside his house smoking a cigarette, all of a sudden, he sees a the truck, slowly rolling down our driveway (our house stands on top of a slight hill in a cul de sac in our subdivision). The truck is rolling down backwards, makes 180 degree turn, and hits our neighbor’s  cable box, which slows the truck down, runs over his water hose and then hits the side of his (brick) house. At this point Raa starts thinking he is going to have to pay for this man’s house and that his life is in ruins....that is until my neighbor starts laughing at him. He says “son, calm down, everything is ok” no major damage to the house, only to the water hose. Your truck did leave me without cable though. Needless to say, Raa apologized profusely. My son took pictures and when he showed  them to me….. my jaw dropped to the floor…literally…J
I told Raa, there are angels looking out for him, he responded, “I know Mom… if they only knew how to drive J
Hope you enjoy my story!!!