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Sunday, June 19, 2011

CLEANING THE FRIDGE PAYS OFF !!! (my genie in a bottle story)

This is how my idea of my “GENIE IN A BOTTLE” Moroccan style bottles was born:
Once upon a time, while cleaning my fridge, I realized there were at least ten (almost) empty bottles. I knew I needed  to clean the fridge, (my poor fridge was screaming for help) but was not too excited about doing it. I began to get everything out;  BBQ sauce, steak sauce, mustard bottles, spaghetti sauce, soy sauce etc etc etc. As I was throwing then into the garbage, I was thinking that some of them had a really nice shape. Needless to say; I dug them out and washed them. What can I do with them??  I thought …huhhhhh
I literally started doing cart wheels in my brain!!! (emphasis in literally)... Wow… why didn’t I think of “this” before? …Anyway, after contemplating infinite possibilities, I decided to paint the bottles. I did not want to just paint  them like so many other glass painting projects I have seen (that really are not that  “interesting”) I wanted my bottles to be whimsical and different, something that you don’t see everywhere, something that will grab your attention and make you go….  oooh, aaaah ..WOW THESE BOTTLES ARE UNIQUE!!! …Well the idea was born. I was going to paint them MOROCCAN STYLE and fill some of them with my homemade soy candle mix.
My bottles turned out adorable!! some are great as liquid soap dispenser in your guest bathroom, child's room decor, flower base, candle holders, or as decor for a Moroccan style date night with your hubby (like we had) ...infinite possibilities for my Moroccan bottles!!
At the end of the day, I felt like I have had a very productive day….that is until I remembered that I never finish cleaning the fridge J

Hope you like my GENIE IN A BOTTLE story :-)


  1. I love that idea! Whatever the fridge, the bottles are worth it :p

  2. thanks ScribblesAndShots, I too feel the same way. Those bottles turned out so adorable and whimsy!
    thanks again

  3. What a fun and creative idea! They look fantastic- especially the pic of them lit up at night :)

    Your newest follower,

  4. Wow that looks fantastic! I need to clean my fridge, too, so I think I might end up doing something like what you've done (I am on holiday....)

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the comment zenobiasouthcombe! have fun cleanning your fridge :-)